Volunteers Needed To Create Free Google Sites Websites For Nonprofits

Calling writers, graphic artists and Google enthusiasts. Help build free Google Sites websites and website templates for fun, to learn, internet exposure and worthy nonprofits. Why? Read on to learn more.

Nonprofits do so much for so many yet they lack the manpower, time, tools, skills and knowledge to create and manage their own websites. 

Sites SOS Templates is looking for volunteers to create nonprofit website templates using Google Sites and other Google products. 

There is no obligation to work on jobs or give more time than wanted. You decide when, what and how often you volunteer. Any amount of time will be appreciated.

Do you know of someone who might volunteer? Tell them about this opportunity to advertise their work and help others who really need it at the same time. 

Can you volunteer?  Think about helping, however little or much you can. 

For more information, contact me for the details.

What Is A Google Sites Website?

Google Sites is a free, online tool offered by Google to create and manage websites. It creates Wiki type websites that allow groups to work and communicate together.

Other Google products that can be integrated into  or connected with a Google Sites website include Google Places pages, Google + profiles or pages, Gmail accounts, Google  Presentation, Google Docs spreadsheet forms and Docs files or any combination of these and other Google products.

Volunteer Dream Team

My dream is to form a group of volunteers to help nonprofits with their Google Sites websites however needed.

Having enough volunteers would benefit all involved.

  • allow more jobs to be done concurrently
  • get jobs done faster
  • offer more ideas and experience to the job 
  • give volunteers breaks between jobs
  • perfect and manage website workflow

What Do Non-Profits Need?

My experience has been that most nonprofits want a simple online presence that is well organized, easy to use, easy to work with others (as needed), easy to manage and to receive training and support. 

While creating beautiful websites is sometimes a desire, often they are happy using simple Google Sites themes. Their concern is getting work done first and appearance second.

Volunteer Experience

  • experience preferred but not required
  • formally educated, self-taught, student, enthusiast or working in the field OK
  • must be willing to learn if no experience
  • must have some time to spare
  • must respond to email in a reasonable amount of time
  • must enjoy what you do

Google Sites Website Volunteer Opportunities

These are the most basic positions needed but there may be others, too. If you have a skill to offer that is not listed, I am open to considering it.

 Graphic Artists

  • create new website templates
  • create new images
  • generate ideas
  • advise


  • create new content
  • generate ideas
  • advise
  • edit content

Google Products Enthusiasts

  • set up, advise, teach
  • common products used
    • Presentation
    • Picasa
    • Gadgets
    • Paypal
    • Analytics
    • Webmaster Tools
    • Gmail
    • Google Accounts
    • Sites