About Sites SOS Templates

All Sites SOS Google Sites website templates are designed to be easy to use, easy to set up and easy to manage. They use some of the built in features that Google Sites offers to make maintenance easier such as image replacement, CSS for consistent webpage design throughout the website and limited formatting. To see example Google Sites websites, visit the Sites SOS Portfolio webpage.

Template Creation Goals

  • easy to set up, use and maintenance
  • build on a base theme's design
  • use simple color palettes
  • use Site Name link most of the time
  • use built in features for easier maintenance

Templates Location

All templates are available at the Google Sites Public Gallery.

Template Set Up

All templates require some set up. Set up is provided via the Set-Up link.  Note that some templates have specific instructions. 

Template Navigation

Most templates are use horizontal navigation but a sidebar may be added, unless noted otherwise.

Template Models Used

Most templates are built using the "Brochure Website" but not all. Check to be sure. Brochure templates have at least the following pages but some have more or less.

  • Home
  • About
  • Services (or comparable)
  • FAQS
  • Find US
  • Contact

This model is quick to get online, fairly easy to set up and maintain, can be built on in the future and is great for start-ups or just getting a presence online quickly.