"A nonprofit website can take 40+ hours to build. This is equal to about 2 months of weekly face-to-face meetings. This does not include followup work to fix unexpected issues, to create a maintenance schedule or to get training."

I help nonprofis and love it. I get to do what I love and I get better while helping others who really need it. But, the work flow is not always smooth for both of us slowing down progress usually needlessly. To avoid the rough spots and so I can get your job done as soon as possible, read the following information before requesting help. The job process can be amazingly smooth and fast, if both of us are prepared.

Are you ready to request volunteer help?

Ask a few questions about you or your organization. If you still aren't sure, I can help you find out. Contact me.

  • is this the right time? do you or the organization have the time or manpower?
  • understand the basics of using a Google account
  • do you have someone to work on this project?
    • who will be consistently available for the entire project?
    • who will respond to email quickly or as needed?
    • who can make decisions?
    • who is allowed to share account logins?
  • is the job defined? do you know what you want to have done?
    • do you have content or other information ready, if needed, for the job?
  • are you or another person familiar with websites or specifically Google Sites?
    • familiar with a text editor?
    • familiar with any Google products?
  • do you have an admin and/or webmaster to manage the site when it is finished?
    • if you need to create/display newsletters, meeting minutes or photo gallery, do you have a volunteer to manage this?

If you can't answer these questions or aren't sure how, that is OK. I will help you.

Available Help

Don't see what you need, ask.

  • advice
  • how-to help
  • training
  • as-needed website work
  • build website

Requesting Help

Choose the methods best for you.

  • email
  • real time email sessions
  • text chat sessions
  • video chat sessions
  • contact form


Follow these to keep us connected.

  • stay in contact
  • have a contact person
  • respond to email quickly
  • notify me of absences
  • notify me of problems
  • notify me of delays
  • notify me of job cancellation