"Changing a Header image is an easy way to refresh a website, update a website as it evolves and/or reflect the seasons. And, Google Sites makes it so easy."

Request a free Header image.

Contact me with the following details. I will try my best to create an attractive header image for your site.

  • your design
    • describe how you want the content placed
    • show me links to sample Header images
  • tell me what content to use
    • Header title
    • text
    • logo
    • image
    • background texture or pattern
    • other
  • tell me what content you have & what you need
  • tell me problems you are having
  • tell me what limitations you are working with
    • a very large or a very small logo
    • a logo or image with a colored background that won't blend into the Header
    • other

Why is the Header image important?

Your website's Header instantly tells your viewer what your website is about, displays the name, can display contact information and logos, supports a website theme, shows your personality and helps visitors recognize your website. 

Why change the Header image?

Changing Header images can update a website, reflect the holidays and/or seasons, be part of a redesign or personalize a website.  Additionally, it  gives the owner more control over his/her website and a better understanding of how it works.

How To Download & Use Header Images

To download, select the Header image with your mouse and save. To upload it to your website, open the Colors and Fonts page of Google Sites and upload to the "Site Heading" section. Before uploading, be sure to note the Header image settings: repeat and position.