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Products and Services

Sites SOS Templates offers free products and services to Google Sites users to help get their website online as easily as possible. Don't see what you need? Contact me and tell me about it. I might be able to accommodate you.


Free Google SitesTemplates

Templates come with set up instructions, placeholder images and text, as well as forms and additional header images for some templates.

Free Google Sites Header Images

Header images are available for some templates and Google Sites makes changing them really easy. 

Free Google Sites Forms

Forms are available for some templates. Forms must be copied to your Google Docs first, then inserted into your website.

Free Learning Template and Set Up Guide

Learn how the Google Sites template works. Understand this and you can easily modify your site's template.

Download the Learning template and follow the online Set Up guide. Learn how to assemble template images to create an entire template. 

Content Created Using Free Open Source and Public Domain Content

Many template images come from these sources. I help to promote the work of others, the idea behind them and take advantage of free resources. 



I support my products and services.  Quick questions, explanations, real time demos or even if I have to work on your site myself, I will try to help and not leave you stuck. Contact me if you ever have problems or need help with my templates.


I built websites from code before using Google Sites  and use that experience, knowledge and those skills in my work.

Google Sites is my favorite Web Builder Tool. I spend a lot of time using it to build new templates or working on the websites of others. Every time I do, I get better.