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"I really enjoy helping nonprofits create an online presence."

Sites SOS Templates was created because there is a need for more free, attractive Google Sites website templates and help to set them up. Why free?

There is a real need. There are many Google Sites websites that are unattractive and poorly designed, thus not doing their job, to attract and engage viewers.

It is a creative outlet and I enjoy it. It is fun, little program with just enough power to create nice websites but not too much to make using it difficult.

I help others and I enjoy it. Having built websites both at the code level and with Google Sites, I understand the frustration.

I hope to get paid, someday, and I would enjoy that. The more I help you, the better I get.


Weby's Persona Weby's Persona, sometimes found at the Google Sites Help Forum.

My online persona, sometimes found at the Google Sites Help forum.